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Decorative string lights lit in dark space.

As summer approaches, it is time to prepare for outdoor entertainment. With BBQs, pool days, and campfires, summertime is filled with outdoor activities. Outdoor lighting allows the summer fun to happen even after dark.

Decorative Lighting

This category is the least intrusive and should not require any additional electrical or construction work. Decorative lighting is a perfect choice for renters or anyone on a budget.

String Lights

String lights come in so many different shapes, sizes, and even colors. Whether you hang them from the ceiling, swing them from tree to tree, or use them to wrap a gate or balcony fence, string lights are versatile and easy to install.

Lantern Lights

Almost like an outdoor lamp, decorative lantern lights are easy to place on outdoor tables for additional luminance. Traditional lantern lights are meant to be filled with candles, but you can often find battery operated options to avoid mess and fire hazards.

Torch Lights

Torch lights are a perfect solution for walkway lighting. Light up a path with evenly distributed torch lights. Inside of each tiki torch is a canister that holds fuel. When the wicker at the top is lit, it uses the fuel to ignite a flame. Due to torch lights being an open flame, it is important to take proper precautions if using these to illuminate your yard.

Pro Tip: Find torch fuel that has citronella in it. This is a great way to add lighting while fighting off unwanted mosquitos!

Mounted Lighting

This category of light options will have a more involved set up and in some cases may require the assistance of an electrician. These options are good long term solutions to outdoor illumination.

Wall-Mounted Lights

You can find lighting fixtures that attach to the wall in a wide array of styles to match your home’s aesthetic. From modern to classical, this type of lighting is both efficient and timeless. You can use wall-mounted lights to frame a doorway or light up an outdoor hallway. Pending your home’s electric, this type of lighting may require the assistance of Frye Electric, Inc..

Security Lights

These mounted lights serve as both light and security. Security camera lights are motion-activated, turning on and in some cases filming once illuminated. The best spots for these lights often depend on your home. In many cases, they are installed near the garage or at the front/back doors.

Miscellaneous Outdoor Lighting

The outdoor lighting options are truly limitless. Aside from the traditional options, there are several unique and creative ways to welcome light into your outdoor space.

Solar Panel Lights

From small lights, each with individual small solar panels, to full blown lamp posts, solar options are available in an assortment of lighting options. Given that these lights are outdoor and receiving a good amount of sunlight, depending on where you live, solar options are a great way to add light without increasing the electricity bill.

LED Tape Lights

This style of lighting has become popular both inside and outside. Tiny LED lights evenly distributed on a thin line of adhesive allow you to add light anywhere. They are very easy to install and are good for truly any space. Common spots for these lights are framing a doorway, illuminating stairs, or under an outdoor counter space.

No matter how big or small, if you rent or own, there are so many ways to keep the summer fun going even after dark with outdoor lighting. For any electrical additions, installations, or questions, Frye Electric, Inc. is here to help!

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