Reasons for Rewiring

Electrician with tool belt holding electrical wires.

After a long day of work, you come home and turn on the lights in the living room and kitchen, switch on the TV, microwave your leftovers and plug in your computer and phone to their respective chargers.

Every step of this routine requires the use of electricity. Behind the walls of your home, there is a maze of wires that are moving electricity throughout your home. These miracle wires can last upwards of 20+ years, but eventually, they will need to be replaced with updated materials. This process is known as rewiring.

Why Does a Home Need Rewiring

With all of these wires working day in and day out, it is no surprise that after some time they will need to be replaced.


The most obvious reason a home will need rewiring is age. On average, a home’s electrical wires can last around 20 years. Take a minute to acknowledge the age of your home and consider whether your home has been firing off the same electrical hardware for longer than is deemed safe.


Rodents? Really? Yes! Mice, rats, chipmunks, and other pesky creatures can find their way inside of your walls and chew through your wiring. The first sign that you may have a wire-eating friend is the sound of something crawling within your walls.

If you weren’t able to catch the sound of the creature pit pattering around, lights flickering or outlets no longer working can be indicators that you have unwanted guests.

In the case of wire-eating critters, it is in your best interest to call pest control and Frye Electric, Inc. to tackle the problem.

Modern Technology

Lamps, televisions, microwaves, outlets, and just about anything that requires electricity is made with updated electrical wiring in mind. That being said, if a home is running on outdated materials these tools and appliances may not work at their best.

Fire Safety

A crucial reason to have a home rewired is to minimize the risk of a fire. Electrical wiring is a major cause of house fires. Annually, U.S. fire departments respond to over 24,000 house fires caused by an electrical issue.

Rewiring a home is a significant part of home maintenance and is important in the safety of your home, your appliances, and most importantly - your family.

Signs That Rewiring is Needed

A home’s electrical system will often give warning signs when it is in need of new hardware.

Blown Fuses/Tripped Breakers

Does your hairdryer shut off mid-blow out? Does your smoothie only get partially blended before the circuit trips? These types of issues occurring often is a telltale sign that your electrical wires are in need of repair or replacement.

Flickering Lights

Are the ghosts playing tricks on you or is your wiring just outdated? Flickering lights or dimming lights are both strong indicators of wiring problems.

Buzzing Noises

You have likely heard this sound before. Maybe in an old classroom or church? Maybe in your own home. That “zzzzzzz” sound that only starts up when the lights are turned on is the home’s way of asking for new electrical wires.

Hot Outlets

If upon unplugging something you notice that a cord is hot to touch, take a second to feel the outlet. A hot outlet is a strong sign that something needs to be repaired. Hot outlets often lead to sparks which can result in a house fire.

What Does Rewiring Look Like

The first step in rewiring is to call Frye Electric, Inc. to have your home inspected and your electrical system tested. Our team will then determine if you have a certain problem area that needs to be rewired or if your home is due for a whole house haul.

Rewiring can be expensive and can often be slightly intrusive, but overall the process can be done within 5-10 days depending on the size of your home.

Contact Frye Electric, Inc.

Ignoring warning signs that your home is in need of updated hardware is dangerous and can result in long-term damage to your home. If you suspect your home is in need of home wiring, Frye Electric, Inc. is staffed with industry professionals who are ready to help you and your home. Give us a call at (317) 659-6899 to ask any questions you may have about the electrical rewiring process and to schedule an appointment.

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