Adding Home Security Devices

Home security is getting much easier now with all the new devices for sale.  Many types of doorbells are on the market connected to your phone.  This image shows the “Ring” but that is only one of many.

The same is true of high-definition (HD) home security cameras.  For just a few hundred dollars you can buy a wired system or a wireless system.  and, some of them have the infra-red capability so you can see in the dark.  Others have motion-sensitive recording features, and some even have a speaker.  Imagine how surprised you’d be if you heard an unexpected voice and didn’t see anyone.  Maybe you’d like that kind of security at your home.

We receive requests often about installing home security doorbells. motion lights, and cameras.  People want to know if we do that kind of work.  This is a typical message we get.

” I just purchased a new “security camera” type doorbell called “Ring”.   I need assistance installing the device in place of my existing hardwired doorbell. The device is all set up and connected I just need help with installation and wiring.  Let me know if this is something you would consider doing for us. Thank you so much. ” 

The answer is “YES!”   The great team here at Frye Electric does all types of wiring and electrical work.  Low voltage included.


Many home security devices are placed high up so that intruders can’t reach them.  For those who don’t like to climb a ladder, you need help installing those devices.  Also, you might need help adding a power outlet up there.   We like to climb on ladders, and we have bucket trucks, too.  High places are not a problem for us.

For all of your electrical needs, both residential and commercial, just ask us.  We can do it all – everything electrical.

We have the tools, equipment, skills, and knowledgeable people.   So, we can handle any size job – big or small.  Contact us today to see how we can serve your home security needs.

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