Reduce Circuit Loads with LEDs

Heavy circuit loads are the main cause of tripping breakers.  They are designed to shut off automatically for safety when there is too much load.  That means too many appliances on a circuit are running at the same time.   The use of LEDs can help you reduce circuit loads if you have that problem.

A Good Example

For example, one of our customers recently asked us to check on a breaker.  It kept tripping every few weeks so there was a concern.  The homeowner thought maybe the breaker was too old and needed replacement.

When we looked at the situation, we saw that it wasn’t the breaker causing this.   It was a top-quality GFCI breaker in a top-quality box.  The problem was too many appliances were on that circuit.

The circuit had two bathrooms on it with multiple outlets and lights.  Also, it contained all five motion-activated security lights around the house.   Each of those fixtures contained two 100 watt flood bulbs.   If several of them came on at the same time, they would draw a lot of amperages.  If it happened when someone was using a hairdryer or curling iron, that would likely cause it to trip.

The Solution

The homeowner wondered if we could rewire that circuit.  We could, but it would involve a lot of labor to trace all the wires to find all the connections inside the walls.  Instead, we suggested he change to LED flood bulbs on all the security lights.  He agreed that was a better alternative and agreed to try it.    He later reported that after going through the Winter, the breaker had not been tripping and the problem was solved.

Our Recommendation

LED bulbs are getting very inexpensive.  You should use them in lamps, ceiling lights, and in many other places.  They do reduce circuit loads, save on your electric bill, and reduce heat buildup in the home.   For commercial applications, such as warehouses or parking lots, there are many benefits.  Reduced labor cost for replacements,  less downtime for burnouts, and improved safety results from less time on ladders.  Many cities are upgrading street lights for these same reasons.

Frye Electric is ready to answer any questions you have.  We offer free estimates and would be glad to talk to you about commercial projects involving LED replacement.

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