Benefits of LED Lighting

LED and CFL light bulbs​The great debate between LED versus CFL has been a hot topic bringing readers to our blog. With all its advantages, LED provides so many benefits to homeowners. Lets take a look at how LED bulbs are a safer option for your family.

Made of Safer Materials

Most LED bulbs are made up of extremely minimal or no hazardous substances. CFLs (fluorescent), on the other hand, contain 1 to 5 milligrams of Mercury, which is extremely dangerous. With LED bulbs, you won’t have to worry about exposing your family to hazardous substances in the event of a bulb breaking. The lack of hazardous substances also make LED bulbs a safer option for our environment.

Also, LED bulbs do not emit Infrared or Ultraviolet radiation; CFLs do. Using LED bulbs prevents unnecessary radiation exposure to those in your home. They also protect artwork, fabrics, and other items which can be damaged by radiation exposure.

No Delay

If you’ve used CFL bulbs, you’ve surely noticed the delay from the time you flip your light switch to when the bulb turns on. Sometimes it’s only a few seconds, but it can last over a minute; and when they do turn on, they haven’t reached their full brightness yet. LED bulbs come on instantly, producing the light you need immediately. Eliminating this waiting period can make a difference to your family’s safety.

Also, LEDs are fully dimmable, unlike CFLs. Because of this feature, you can use LED bulbs to subtly light dark areas of your home for nighttime safety, such as dark stairways or entries. The dimmer option also helps conserve electricity.

Longer Life

LED bulbs last about 5 times longer than CFL bulbs! A longer lifespan decreases the need for changing bulbs. This is a benefit because bulbs in hard-to-reach places and outdoors tend to be neglected because of the inconvenience. Plus, LEDs can operate at lower temperatures than CFLs, making them a great choice for outdoor lighting. Lights go along way in protecting your home, so choose a bulb that is fit for the task.

Safer Operation

LED bulbs produce less heat than CFL bulbs. You’ve probably felt emitted by a light bulb before, or maybe even gotten burnt touching one! Lower heat generation makes LEDs a safer option for families with curious children or pets, and can reduce fire hazards in your home.

LED bulbs aren’t known to fail unpredictably, like CFLs. There have been instances of CFL bulbs catching fire, smoking, even exploding. The circuitry in an LED bulb is far more stable than in a CFL, and there is almost no risk of fire from their use.

If you’d like to know more about how LEDs can benefit your family, give us a call at 317-659-6899. Frye Electric can upgrade your home to LED lighting for safety and savings.

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