Smart Switches Save You Money

Smart switches save you money by reducing your electricity usage. They come in a variety of types to make life more convenient and less expensive. A recent customer request asked us to install some of these in a commercial bathroom, so we decided to write a blog about them.

A shortlist of smart switch types should include occupancy or vacancy detectors, countdown timers, motion detectors, and connected switches. Smart switches save you money easily because they reduce wasted electricity with very little effort on your part. Smart Outlet

Occupancy Detectors – on and off

This switch is ideal for any room in which you often carry something. Laundry rooms, workshops, and garages are good choices for this. When your hands are full and you enter, you don’t have to turn on the switch with an arm. The lights will come on and stay on for five minutes, or some other preset amount of time. When it does not sense any occupancy for several minutes, it will turn the lights off. Better quality switches can also detect ambient light, so they won’t turn on when you have daylight brightness. Smart, huh?

Vacancy Detectors – off only

This type of motion-sensing switch requires someone to turn the light switch on manually, but it will turn the lights off when it senses the room is vacant. These can be good for kids' rooms where they often leave without turning off the lights.

Countdown Timers – off only

Countdown timers have been around for many years, and are often seen on bath fans. After a shower, you used to twist the timer to 10 min or 20 min so that the fan cleared the air and then shut down. They are now also available in digital or push button styles. Some even include new convenience features such as moisture sensing technology.

Connected Switches – on and off

Digital switches with internet connections are growing in popularity. With a smartphone connected to a smart switch, you have the ability to work it from anywhere. Thermostats and security cameras use this technology, but you can also control lights and other devices in the home the same way.

Frye Electric is Ready to Help

We know that smart switches save you money, especially in high usage commercial applications. If you want to make any changes to your electrical switches or ask questions about them, we are available to help. There is a lot to know and understand, and we have that knowledge.

The Frye Electric team has been installing and repairing all types of electrical work in residential and commercial locations since 1974. You can trust us to give you reliable advice and to work safely. We offer high-quality work at reasonable prices, so what more could you ask? Give us a call and join the thousands of customers who use us every time!

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