Recycle Those Light Strands

If your Christmas lights have been around for years it might be time to recycle those light strands and get new ones next year.    Don’t even put them away, just wrap them up and recycle them.  Next year you can buy new LED lights for both indoor and outdoor decorating, and you’ll save money with lowered electrical use.   However, those old incandescent lights weren’t very good at conserving energy but someone may still get some use out of them.

LED holiday lights are 80% more energy-efficient and they last about 20 years — 7 times longer than incandescent light strings.  They also don’t heat up so they are a safer option for Christmas decorating.

Why you should recycle holiday lights

Whether you’re switching to LED holiday lights or just getting rid of damaged ones, we recommend you recycle those light strands rather than throw them away! When you put your old holiday lights out with the trash, they end up in a landfill.   Most of the elements in the lights are not biodegradable, so they will just remain in the soil!  If you recycle those light strands, the materials can be reused now and it also will provide jobs for people who do the work, such as the disabled.   The strands can also be a safety hazard to animals either through cuts on broken bulbs or getting feet tangled in the wires.  Recycling is the best way to get rid of them.

How to recycle holiday lights

Indiana has produced a list of tips you can use and contacts you can call to help you recycle those light strands.   Some hardware and home improvement stores are currently offering discount promotions and free recycling programs.  If you don’t have a resource to recycle holiday lights locally, there are organizations that will accept your light strands by mail.  So instead of throwing those old light strands in the trash, do a good deed for yourself and the community by recycling them.

Frye Electric offers outdoor lighting services year-round! Our energy-efficient LED lights are perfect for Christmas, but also all year round for outdoor weddings, parties, and more. To find out about that, please contact us.

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