Your New Home Office

Woman with short white hair, white buttoned down shirt and blue cardigan sitting in black ergonomic office chair smiling at laptop screen.

Even though we have closed the door on 2020, working from home and remote learning are sticking around. For some companies, working remotely is the new office regardless of a worldwide pandemic. Being efficient at home can be hard if you are not set up with a properly functioning office.

Components of a Home Office

An at-home office needs a number of things to be a workable space. A comfortable office chair, an adjustable desk, clean and organized space, efficient lighting, and proper electrical outlets and wiring are all key in making sure you are successful.


It might seem silly, but if you are in a typical 9-5 job, you are spending over or under 40 hours a week sitting in this chair. If your chair is not properly supporting your body, the effects may not be immediately apparent, but they will surely come.

An ergonomic chair is a major upgrade to the workday. These chairs mimic the shape of your spine to ensure your neck, back, and lumbar are receiving full support throughout the day. Additionally, they are usually fully adjustable to ensure your chair is set up to align with your spine.


A desk is a desk, right? Not exactly. Having both a desk and chair that are adjustable allows for you to keep your body at the ideal 90-degree angles that are suggested. Your forearms should be parallel to the ground while you are typing.

Standing desks are a major trend and there is a reason for it. Unfortunately for most busy bees, taking several breaks to get proper walks or stretching in may not be possible, but standing desks allow for your body to change positions, stretch and realign.

Clear Space

It can be incredibly difficult to focus when you are surrounded by mess and disorganization. A clear and organized desk and/or home office allows your brain to be at it’s best.

When working at home, it can be so overwhelming to try to work while the dishes are piled in the sink or the laundry is in a pile, ready to be folded, on the couch. With all these external distractions, keeping your desk clean and clear is crucial to your focus.


If natural sunlight is possible in your remote working space, lucky you! Getting a little warmth and vitamin D while staring at the blue-lit screens is a huge bonus. However, for rainy M dark days or for a space that isn’t naturally equipped with light, there are still options.

Most homes come equipped with a light fixture in the center of the room attached to the ceiling fan. Although these multi-functioning fixtures are great, they do not typically provide adequate lighting to the corners of the room.

Adding floor lamps or desk lamps is one easy way to upgrade your office lighting. Alternatively, calling a professional like Frye Electric, Inc. to add reset lighting directly above your desk is a true home office game changer. Have a bright and inviting desk while also looking fabulous on those zoom calls.

Rewiring & Surge Protection

The reality is, your home was likely not built to power all you need for a home office. Between laptops, display screens, and telephones, you are asking a lot of your home’s electricity. If outlets are not located where you have decided to set up shop, you are likely using power strips and extension cords to make things work.

If you know that remote work is your foreseeable future, rewiring may be a necessary upgrade for your home. Frye Electric, Inc. can help rewire your office space so that you are fully powered without the stress and tripping hazards or extension cords.

Another electrical addition is surge protection. Although you are likely used to seeing large box-like power strips that serve this purpose, installing a whole house surge protector is a safe and secure way to keep all your electronics running without creating potential fire hazards in your home.

Upgrading Your Home Office

Whether you decide to make small changes or go the whole nine yards to have a room addition built onto your home, Frye Electric, Inc. is here to assist you in all your electrical needs. For questions big or small, give us a call at (317) 659-6899.

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