Correcting Faulty Work in Walls

Sometimes we find ourselves correcting faulty work in walls or ceilings.   It is usually hidden and difficult to get to.   We can’t always tell how long its been there, but we know it needs to be fixed.  It could cause a fire, or lead to other problems.   Here is an example as reported by a customer recently. 

“I wanted to take a minute and let you know that my wife and I could not be happier with the work Justin did here in our home this week. We had two GFI outlets that had been randomly tripping for no apparent reason. Justin dug into the problem and discovered some work that had been done incorrectly by a prior homeowner. The scary part is this was all stuffed into a wall out of sight. I hate to think what could have happened.”

“Long story short, Justin stuck with it and corrected the faulty work done before. It has now been nearly 24 hours without having to reset either of those outlets, which has not happened since we moved into the house seven years ago.  If Justin is representative of all of your employees, you should be very proud. We will recommend your company to anyone!  Thank you, Steve Seitz”

And Thank You Steve for letting us know about this. We are glad to have your recommendation.

Justin is a great example of all our team members. We hire the best and train them to stay up to date.  Each one will search out any electrical problem and resolve it.  They are all true professionals.

At Frye Electric we’ve been doing this work since 1974.  We are well respected in the community.   Thousands of customers rely on us for our skill and knowledge.  And we won’t let them down.

So – contact us today about any electrical needs you have.  We are anxious to help!

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