Personally Guaranteed Satisfaction

Frye Electric offers personally guaranteed satisfaction for every electrical service call.   Hal Frye, the owner of Frye Electric, gives you his personal assurance that your job will be done right.  And he stands behind all the work.

Hal will either call or visit any client who has concerns about what was done or the charge for the service.   Sometimes the client has a valid concern, and when that happens Hal gets is corrected.  At other times, there was a communication error with the work to be done, and Hal can get that resolved quickly.  And still, at other times, family members disagreed on what they wanted to be done, but Hal can’t do anything about that.  He can only offer advice and let them decide what to do.  

FOR OVER 50 years

Hal has been personally managing the business since he started the company in 1974, more than 50 years ago.   He has always guaranteed satisfaction and reasonable prices, and his client list has grown because of it.

Hal also hires the best electricians in the area.  They will respect your home, do their work professionally, and leave you with a clean work area when they finish.   They get good training and supervision and only use top quality electrical components for all jobs.

Finally, the company rating from the Better Business Bureau is an A+.  You don’t get that rating unless you work at it.  Give us a call for any type of electrical service, and you’ll see for yourself.  

There’s nothing to worry about with Frye Electric because Hal Frye provides guaranteed satisfaction for all the work of all his crews.  We know thousands of Frye customers who can attest to that.

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