Something Keeps Tripping My Circuit Breaker

If you have said “something keeps tripping my circuit breaker”, you should consider calling a professional.   When you see repeated occurrences on the same breaker, it might indicate a significant problem.

Breakers trip, or shut off, in order to protect the circuit from overheating.   That type of overheating might even cause a fire, so this might be an important safety hazard.    

One Time Trip

The occasional trip of a breaker is not a problem.  Sometimes someone will accidentally use too many appliances on the same circuit, and the breaker trips as it should.   That‘s why we have breakers.   They prevent damage and let us know that something is wrong with the wiring, or we are putting too much demand on it.    

You can safely reset a one-time breaker trip by yourself.   If you don’t know-how, this video will quickly show you how.  

Repeated Trips

However, if the same breaker trips multiple times in a short period of time, that is not normal.   It does indicate some type of problem.  

The first thing to do is check to see if you are causing it.   Maybe the kids are running the microwave and toaster at the same time, or the coffee maker.    Or maybe your daughters are using a hair curler and a blow dryer on the same circuit.   Try to determine how each person in the house was using that tripped circuit at that time.  Look at what stopped working, and do a little investigating.

If you can’t find a reasonable cause, there may be a problem with the breaker itself or a wiring problem.  You need a licensed professional electrician to investigate and find the real root cause.    

Something keeps tripping my circuit breaker

Don’t just say this phrase in your mind without checking for the reason.  If you repeatedly reset the breaker, you might be forcing the system to overheat and thereby cause damage.  If that happens, you’ll have a much bigger problem on your hands.   Call your local professional electrician, and let us resolve it for you.

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