Pet Proof Home Wiring Solutions

If you have a pet, you need pet proof home wiring solutions. Every pet, even a cute little puppy like this one, is curious and wants to explore their surroundings.  Well, OK –  maybe not a goldfish!  But certainly dogs and cats and other common household pets.

Potential Problems

What happens if Frank the Ferret decides to chew on your lamp cord for a few minutes every day?   How about Tabby wanting to sleep near your warm compute and play with the wires?  What if Rover decides to urinate on the wall outlet?  All these things might happen and could cause problems.  


Here are a few options you can use to pet-proof home wiring and make it safer for you and for them.  

  • Consider buying pet-proofing products.  If a particular cord is attractive to your pet, cover it, or replace it.  Pet stores offer multiple products for this purpose.
  • Brush wires with a common home solution like lime juice, lemon juice, or hot pepper so that pests won’t want to chew.
  • Wind up long cords and tie them.  Pets can get tangled and pull appliances over onto themselves.  This is also good for long drapery or window blind cords, which can strangle pets.
  • Elevate cords out of pet reach, or secure them behind furniture.  Bookcases make good cord protectors.  Loose wires are more attractive to pets than fixed wires.
  • Keep electrical appliances away from sinks and bathtubs.   A leaping cat could easily knock a radio into a bathtub and cause a tragedy.
  • Use tamper-resistant receptacles.  The small door stops children and pets from contact with the electrical current.  Newer homes will already have these, older homes may not.
  • Aquarium cords should have a drip loop in case any water gets on the wires.  Set the drip loop so that the water drops off where it causes the least damage.

For more ideas about pet proof home wiring, ask at pet stores and veterinarians.   Also, pet grooming shops are great places to get this type of information.

If you need wiring paths relocated, or special outlets installed, give us a call.   Frye Electric is always ready to help you protect your pet.

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