Knowing the Fair Price for Electrical Work

What is a Fair Price for Electrical Work?

It is difficult to know the fair price for anything, whether it’s automobile repair or surgery, and that is certainly true for electrical work.  Most people don’t understand how electricity works and they don’t have the skills to perform the needed tasks.  That makes it hard for them to estimate a realistic amount of time or an acceptable price. Electricians price their work by the hour or by the job, but neither method is best in every situation.

Project Work

For non-emergency project work, such as when you need to add something to the electrical system or to change out part of it, you should get estimates.  If you have the time, get 3 or 4 estimates from licensed electrical contractors.

For small jobs, such as adding one outlet or installing a fan, you can usually get a general estimate over the phone.   For more extensive work, they need to come to your home and look at the actual site of the work.   Someone will need to take measurements and look at the condition of existing lights, switches, or other components.  That is an important part of the estimate, because the job may be larger than you initially realize.

The quotes you receive will tell you the competitive, local market rate for the work.  If they are close, that is probably the “fair price” for that job.  However, the bids may not all be close because different contractors may do the project differently.  If there is a big difference, make sure that all the contractors understood the scope of work accurately.

Repair Work

In those cases where some part of the electrical system stopped working and you need it fixed quickly, you probably won’t be able to get free estimates.  Your best course is to call in with the problem and decide whether you’d like a service call at our standard rates to look at the problem.   When that happens, our goal is to resolve the problem for you as economically as possible.  If we determine that the problem is extensive and requires additional time and/or materials, we will stop the billable time and give you an estimate to consider.

At Frye Electric, we will give you a fair price for every job, and we’ll stand behind our work with a complete guarantee of safety and satisfaction.  We will provide a free estimate for any project work and the price we quote will be fair to both of us.

If you need any electrical project or repair work done, please consider using our services.  Frye Electric, Inc. is locally owned and operated and our team has been servicing Indiana since 1974.  We offer residential, apartment, and commercial electrical services.

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