Exhaust Fan Venting Done Right

There are two ways to do exhaust fan venting – the right way and the wrong way.    We all love hot showers but the normal warm air and steam build up in a bathroom can be harmful.  Especially in the winter when all the windows stay closed.   You need to get rid of this moisture correctly.

A recent question below from a customer illustrates a common issue with exhaust fan venting.

” … I would like to see if our bathroom exhaust fan can be replaced so it vents to the outside instead of the attic.”

Obviously, some people choose the easy way when installing a bathroom fan.   That poor choice can be due to lack of knowledge, lack of skill, or other factors.

If your exhaust fan vents into your attic, that isn’t good.   The results can damage your home over time via wood rot and mold growth.

The Right Way

Building codes have required exhaust fan venting to carry air to the outside of the building for many years.  Not just into the attic, but completely outside of the building.   Exhaust ducts should provide an unobstructed path out of the house.  Either through the roof or through a wall.   Ductwork should not be droopy or turn sharply in a way that traps the moisture inside.   Ducts should allow the fan to push the air outside quickly before condensation starts.  Otherwise, water droplets can form and drip back inside where they can pool and allow mold growth.

The Wrong Way

Some bath vents just come through the ceiling and insulation and stop right there.  When the venting doesn’t go outside, the warm moist air stays in the attic.  Problems arise.   The moisture can saturate wooden framing or panels, causing rot or weakening.   When it builds upon the insulation, black mold forms.  Pooled water could also attract animal or insect life into your attic.

Correcting the Problem

Replacing bathroom fans is one of the services we provide, so we’ll be glad to help the customer who contacted us.  And thanks for asking!

If you have any problems with electrical appliances, we are experts at resolving them.   For all your Residential or Commercial electrical needs, the Frye Electric crews have the answers.   Our ongoing training, special tools, and decades of experience should be important to you.  But even more important is our reputation for excellent service.   Since 1974 we’ve been a locally owned business and we have a great reputation with tens of thousands of clients.

Contact us soon to find out for yourself!

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