Prevent Electric Shock Drowning

Tragically, two teens died during the 2017 Father’s Day weekend due to electric shock drowning.   The full story was shown on ABC news, and both cases remind us that we must keep water and electricity safely separated. 

Police say Kayla Matos, 10, and friends were swimming when they touched a metal rail on a boat lift.  The lift became energized and the current in the water shocked Kayla.  Although adults were present and used CPR on her until EMS arrived, young Kayla passed away at the hospital on Sunday.

In a separate incident in Ohio, Evan Currie, 19, died while trying to save others.   His father and the family dog were struggling to swim with the effects of electric current in the water and Evan jumped in to help.  Sadly, he did not survive his heroic attempt.

Respect this Dangerous Convenience

Electricity is such a common convenience in our lives that we put outlets and appliances near us – everywhere.  It’s hard to consider not having electric power at the pool, or the dock, or the hot tub.  However, we have to remember that electric shock drowning is dangerous.  You should use ground fault circuit interrupters and electric shock alarms to prevent electric shock drowning.

If you have any electric connection near a body of water, take this as a warning to get them checked right away.   Check them again every year.    If you can’t do it yourself, get a licensed professional electrician to check for you.   It might save you from experiencing a tragedy in your life!

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