Whole House Surge Protection is Best

Power strips and plug-in surge protectors are good, but adding whole house surge protection is best. The most effective approach comes from installing two lines of defense against surges.‚Äč

Circuit Boards – Convenient and Expensive

Almost all major appliances today contain circuit boards with computer chips. The convenience you desire comes with smart technology, which means a circuit board managing the operation. Those boards are very helpful, but replacing them costs a lot of money. We recently replaced one in our glass-top range, and the bill was almost $500. Large refrigerator-freezers, washer-dryer combinations, and other appliances need protection. When you spend $2,000-$3,000 on just one appliance, the cost of a whole house surge protector becomes a real bargain. Spend a few hundred and save a few thousand.

Surges may only last a few millionths of a second, but they can fry your appliances. You might think that only lightning strikes cause problems, but that isn’t right. There might not be any major events near your home, but that won’t stop the surges from harming your equipment. Common causes are downed power lines, changes in power usage for a nearby commercial building, and the normal cycling of high-usage appliances. Things like hair dryers and air conditioners can cause minor damage that goes unnoticed and builds up over time.

Two Lines of Defense

We recommend a double defense. You should still use surge protector strips for vulnerable appliances, like televisions and computers. And, you should also add a central protector (black image) in your breaker box. The central protector is an electronic device installed by an electrician. It will stop most surges, but some voltage may still get by. This is where the individual units take over as a buffer to stop the remaining threat. There are many types, from power strip to wall mounted plugs (white image) like the example above. Be sure to read the manufacturer's information about protection levels before you buy them.

Whole house surge protection is best when you use this double layer solution. Frye Electric will be glad to install the service panel unit, and we can advise you about the portable devices if you wish. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to improve the surge protection for all your valuable electronics. Since 1974, we have been a trusted local business.

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