Automatic Attic Fans Remove Trapped Heat

Automatic attic fans can be a good solution for anyone who has a lot of heat buildup in that area. If you have high heat buildup in your attic space, you should consider adding an automatic attic fan.‚Äč

For years, attic heat has been a real problem in older homes. They weren’t built with high quality, thick insulation like we have today in newer homes. Many older homes have 2 by 4 wooden trusses supporting the roof and a thin layer of insulation on the attic floor.

Often the insulation wasn’t thick enough and the attic didn’t have adequate venting. This caused a major heat buildup in that space, which contributed to warming the ceiling just below it. Those older homes needed a way to get the trapped heat out so it didn’t affect the living space. So, automatic attic fans and whole-house fans provided two solutions to the problem.

Homes without central air conditioning can get pretty warm. Whole house fans are mounted in a hallway ceiling and look like an attic access door with louvers. When they run, the suction lifts the louvers and the hot air goes into the attic. When enough heat builds up in there, the automatic attic fan comes on and blows it out. Together provide much relief, especially on hot summer nights when it’s too hot to sleep.

Roof-mounted or Gable-mounted

You can buy automatic attic fans that mount in one of two ways. One mount through the roof and the other mounts through the wall (gable-end) like this image. And, you can get both electric-powered or solar-powered fans. Homes under the trees or homes with a lot of heat buildup would probably need electric power. The electric models generally blow out more heat in CFM (cubic feet per minute.)

If you are buying a fan, be sure to consider the loudness. Quieter fans are worth the extra money.

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