Repairing a Loose Ceiling Fan

We recently received a request to fix a loose ceiling fan. The owner said it was coming away from the ceiling and asked us to take a look.‚Äč

Ceiling fans should never move if they are properly installed. And, they should never wobble or shake. Nor should they hang down unevenly or pull away from the ceiling. Those conditions are all unsafe and should be checked if you see them.

Properly installed fans are connected solidly through a fan-rated junction box. That means the box has been evaluated as strong enough to hold a fan during operation. Therefore, you can’t use just the cheapest plastic junction box when installing a fan.

The fan-rated box should be screwed solidly to a wooden ceiling joist. The box may be connected directly to a single joist, or it might connect with a metal hanger bracket between two joists. Either way, the wooden joist connection makes it strong enough to support a moving fan. A weak support system will eventually lead to a loose ceiling fan.

Repairing a loose ceiling fan might require replacing the junction box with a stronger one. Or, it might need reinforcement or tightening of the screws. When we look at it, we will know the cause. And whatever it takes, we can fix it.

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