Hanging Chandeliers Safely

Hanging chandeliers safely is easy for us, but may not be as easy for you. And, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a plain ceiling light or an elaborate chandelier like this one. Either way, it can be a difficult job.

Just think of what it takes for you to do the job. You have to find the right-sized ladder first of all; then you have to carry it in. Be sure to avoid knocking over lamps or marking up the walls or woodwork. Set it up in the right place. It can’t be wobbly or in a hard-to-reach spot.

Next, you have to make sure the ceiling junction box is strong enough to hold the weight. And what if it isn’t? Do you know how to replace it with a better box? Or how to reinforce it from above? You might even have to go in the attic for that.

Then you have to think about the wiring you will connect. Where is the breaker for that circuit? Is there a wall switch in place to operate the light? Can you install a dimmer if you need to? And, what if it’s a remote-control-operated light? Do you know how to accommodate that type of control?

Finally, you have to consider lifting it up and holding it during the hookup. It might take you 5-10 minutes to make the connections. Some people aren’t physically strong enough for that.

Are you steady enough on the ladder at that height? Senior citizens get a little shaky as they age, so consider your “seasoning.” It might make sense to let someone younger do this task for you.

Hanging chandeliers safely can be a challenge

But the Frye Electric experts can make it easy – we’ll do it for you. We have the tools, the ladders, and the experience to do it quickly and safely.

Regardless of whether you are installing lighting in a residential or commercial setting, call on us. Apartment complexes, office buildings, retail stores, hotels, and other places need lighting in high places. Let us do it for you and save yourself the trouble.

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