Pre-sale Electrical Inspection

When you get ready to sell your home, it’s a good idea to get a pre-sale electrical inspection. A well-maintained home is a great way to get the best price.

Also, you want the transaction to go smoothly — don’t you? The best way to do that is to find any issues in advance and resolve them before the negotiation.‚Äč

Neither you nor the buyer should worry about any electrical problems with the purchase. That kind of worry could lead to a lower price or even a broken sale. Your early inspection will be well worth the money.

Examples of Problems

You might not even realize that electrical problems exist. So, this is a list of electrical issues that might be there without you noticing them:

  • outlets might be wired with reversed polarity or not properly grounded
  • an over-sized breaker might have been installed in the breaker box
  • the natural gas line might not have proper bonding to home wiring
  • exterior outlets might not be GFCI protected, or have the correct weather-proof cover

A Problem-Free Home Inspection Report

The final buyer’s home inspection report should show no electrical problems. Your life will be a lot simpler when that happens.

Frye Electric would be glad to do a pre-sale electrical inspection for you. If we find any issues, we’ll repair them while we are there, or we can come back if it’s a larger issue. Just contact us and we’ll set a convenient time to come to your home. Find out why thousands of customers have been calling us since 1974! We guarantee all our work will be to your satisfaction.

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