Ladder Work is Not for Everyone

Some light fixtures or electrical connections are way off the ground. This picture is a good example of high altitude lighting on an apartment building. But we know ladder work is not for everyone. Everyone cannot and should not be doing it.

That’s why we have the right equipment to get up high safely. Frye Electric has extra-long ladders, bucket trucks, safety harnesses, and lifts. All made for this kind of work. And we have a team of people with the strength and skills to do that kind of work. You need good balance, a strong body, and good vision. That’s what our folks have!

Don’t take a chance on falling. Serious injuries like that happen way too often. Especially to those who’ve been around long enough to know better.

We work in apartment complexes, commercial buildings, parking lots, and multi-story homes. Also, warehouses, parking garages, airplane hangars, and senior centers. All these are areas of expertise for us.

If you have any electrical needs that require elevated electrical work, we’ll be glad to do it for you. Don’t take a chance on getting hurt. Let Frye take care of all your electrical needs.

Just remember – ladder work is not for everyone! Contact us today for a free estimate or to answer your questions.

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