Frigid Temps and Space Heaters

Frigid Temps and Space Heaters can lead to disaster. Arctic winds and below zero temperatures will hit us this week. Most of the heating units in our homes in Central Indiana will not be able to keep up with the cold. Especially for homes with leaky doors or windows. Furnaces will be running full time and supplemental heat will be needed.‚Äč

Many people will turn to electric space heaters to supplement their furnace. BE CAREFUL! Every winter we see home fires and injuries from not using space heaters safely. This ESFI video is very helpful. Also, here are some “don’ts” that should raise a red flag in your mind if you see them.

The DON’T list:

  • Don’t leave an electric space heater running when no one is in the room. Turn it off until you come back
  • Don’t leave small children alone with a space heater. Teach bigger children the safety rules.
  • Don’t go to sleep with a space heater running.
  • Don’t use an extension cord. Plug it directly into a wall outlet.
  • Don’t put a space heater close to curtains or other flammables.
  • Don’t operate a space heater without smoke alarms that work. You need to be alerted if something starts to burn.

Frigid temps and space heaters go together, and that makes sense. But use them wisely. There’s no need to risk hurting your loved ones in a house fire!

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