Electrical Safety Check After a Storm

Sometimes it is wise to get an electrical safety check after a storm. Nearby lightning strikes can damage appliances and components of your electrical systems.

This is especially true in older homes. And in those that don’t have a whole-house surge suppressor installed. Here is a recent communication from a client.

We recently suffered damage to a number of electrical appliances from a lightning strike and were wondering if it might be appropriate for an electrician to check things out to see if there is damage to our electrical system that we may not have noticed.

Remember that lightning might cause problems even if it doesn’t strike your home. It might hit a nearby power line and cause issues for your whole neighborhood. It can also jump from one conductor to another. Copper wiring and metal water pipes are both good conductors.

Request a Safety Check

If you smell burned wiring or have any concerns about electrical damage, give us a call. We’ll come out and check your circuit breakers, switches, and outlets. And, we’ll use a resistance tester to see if there is wiring damage in the walls.

Don’t take a chance of further damage. Contact us anytime for an electrical safety check after a storm.

You can find out more about lightning safety from ESFI.

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