Repeated Light Bulb Burnout

Repeated light bulb burnout can be annoying.   If you’ve had that problem, this story may help you resolve it without calling us. 

A customer recently wrote to us with this issue.  “I replaced the bulb on our outdoor light 3 times and the bulbs burn out overnight.”  

Greg Wells, Director of Operations for Frye Electric, has a few suggestions.  Give them a try before you contact an electrician and have to pay for a service call.  It might be an easy fix that you can do yourself and save both time and money.


  • Most importantly, shut off power to the light at the breaker box before you do anything.
  • Next, pull the center tab inside the socket to make sure it is not bent away.  It must make good contact with the bulb.   Maybe it’s loose, or the contact isn’t solid.  That could be the cause of repeated light bulb burnout.
    • Try replacing the bulb with an LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulb.  LEDs use less amperage than a standard incandescent bulb.  Also, they last up to 25 times longer.
  •  Check the fixture for a loose wire or other complications.  You might need to replace it.

If you are uncomfortable doing this type of electrical work, just contact us.  We’ll send out a professional, licensed electrician to do it for you.   We’ve been here since 1974 and plan to be here a long time more.   You can trust Frye Electric with all your electrical needs.

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