Apartment and Commercial Work Our Specialty

Frye Electric has been performing apartment and commercial work for thousands of customers since 1974.   Although some residential work can be a challenge, businesses and apartment complexes are often even more so.

Special equipment and special skills are needed to perform electrical jobs for commercial purposes.   And, since they are normally larger-scale jobs, we must have the right type of equipment on hand to perform them properly.   We also need crews of fully-trained electricians who know how to do that type of work.   We recruit them on a regular basis.

Typical Commercial Work

Here are some examples of commercial work.    In one apartment complex last year, we replaced 48 electric meter bases with new ones.  Another job required us to upgrade all the light fixtures in a warehouse to a newer, more efficient type.   Then there are parking lot lights, someone has to get up there and maintain them on a regular basis.   As a final example, we also hang Christmas lights on buildings and apartment entrances to celebrate the holidays.  We are especially good at the high altitude places where some people don’t want to go.

These are just a few examples, but we do it all.  Every type of electrical-related apartment and commercial work.  Big jobs and small ones.

Excellent Service – Reasonable Prices

Besides having the equipment and well-trained teams, we know that business owners and managers have to watch their expenses.  Some electricians charge pretty hefty fees for their work.

But that won’t be a problem with Frye Electric.   We offer excellent service at reasonable prices, and we guarantee every job will be done right.    Hal Frye, the owner, makes sure that customers are satisfied.  He personally responds to any issues that may arise.

To summarize, you can call on Frye Electric for any apartment and commercial work at any time.   If you don’t already use us, give us a try.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised and will keep calling us back.

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