Hide the Wires When Mounting a New Television

Mounting a new television can be easy — or it can be hard.    If you are replacing an old TV with a new one in the same place, it can be pretty simple.  But, if you are mounting a new TV in a new location, that can become complicated.

New flat-screen televisions are amazing.  The picture is so realistic it’s like looking out a window.  So, many people are buying new ones and adding them to bedrooms, dens, and even outside decks.  Lots of these are going to new locations.


When you added an older, bigger television in the past, it easily covered the wires.  Those sets were huge and the wire came out the back and went down to the wall plug.  New sets have large screens, but they are thin and often swing out from the wall.  This makes a clean installation more tricky.

The best way of mounting a new television is to hide all the wiring behind it.  This can be easily accomplished if you have the right type of outlet ready at the right location.  However, many homes don’t have wall outlets ready in the desired place.

Professional electricians can resolve that type of problem for you.   You might want to mount it high on a wall or over a fireplace, and have a designated circuit run for it.  That ensures uninterrupted power regardless of other appliances running at the same time.   You might also want to add a whole-house surge protector in the panel to secure all your valuable appliances.


No matter what you want, Frye Electric can handle all of the electrical work for you.  We can run the electrical wiring, the cable company feed, and even an internet connection.  We can put it all inside the wall behind that new flat screen — looking great!  No wires for the dog to chew on or just to look out of place.

Since 1974, we’ve been providing excellent services at reasonable prices all around the Indianapolis area. Contact us today to get a free quote or to set up an appointment.   We look forward to helping you with any electrical work – both residential and commercial.

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