High Hanging Chandelier Dresses up a Home

A sparkling chandelier really dresses up a home and can add a lot of beauty to holiday events.  If you are getting ready to add a new chandelier to your home, consider Frye Electric to install it for you.  This type of installation is not normally a homeowner-level job.

Some people put them in the entryway and many go into the dining room.  Either way, they are usually on a high ceiling because of their hang-down length.  This might require tall ladders, or maybe even a scaffold, and it might require more than one person to lift it.  Either way, Frye Electric has all the equipment needed to do it right.

Another consideration with large chandeliers, especially the glass and crystal type, is that they can be very heavy.   So, the installer must ensure the mounting box can hold all that weight.   Sometimes we even need to go into the attic above to reinforce the attachment location.   We know you don’t want to be hosting guests and see the fixture starting to slip lower and lower, or just drop completely.  We will make sure this valuable addition is solidly fastened in the ceiling and it will not move.

A shiny new chandelier adds charm and gives a romantic feel to any home.   When placed near a window, it also adds visual appeal to your home for everyone passing by.

Some chandeliers come with new technology LED bulbs which save money on electricity and can be very bright.   We recommend you add a dimmer switch during the installation so you can vary the level of light output.    By using your dimmer, you can have a low-light, cozy romantic dinner, or a brightly lit holiday party.  Or anything in between!

We’ve been in business since 1974 and our reputation is solid.  You will be satisfied with our work – we guarantee it.

If you are not already among our thousands of satisfied customers, please contact us for any electrical service.   We look forward to meeting you!

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