Ask the Experts Your Electrical Questions

Many people have electrical questions because they just don’t understand how it works.   Also, parents teach children not to touch electricity so lots of people are fearful of it or just don’t want to know more.  However, we all use electrical outlets and appliances daily so sometimes we need expert advice.   That is where the “Ask the Experts” feature of Frye Electric comes in handy.

We recently had a customer request come in with this ending:  “…simple job, but I’m a girl :)”    We know she meant it as a joke, but it reminded us how many people need assistance with electrical questions.

We offer two important services without any charge – Free Quotes and Free Advice.   Both are important to clients and are used often.  This confusing world sends out so many messages.  Subjects like which electrical gadgets to buy, how to complete do it yourself repair projects, and upgrading to the newest technology can create conflicts and mistakes.   Sometimes you just need someone you can trust to make sense of that message in your particular situation.

When that happens to you, just trust in Frye Electric.  We’ve been a local business in central Indiana since 1974, and we’ve answered tens of thousands of electrical questions for people.  

All you need to do is go to our online contact form and send us your question.   We’ll get back to you quickly with expert advice, or to ask you for more complete information.   If you want us to look at your work, just ask for a free quote and we can do that, too.

You can trust us.  

Frye Electric has an A+ rating with the Avon Better Business Bureau because we do business the right way.  We treat people right, we charge reasonable prices, and we take care of all their electrical needs.     When you have any electrical questions, be sure to contact our experts for an answer you can trust!

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