Best Protection from Power Surges

Expensive appliances deserve the best protection from power surges so that you don’t have to replace them.  Things like sub-zero refrigerators, high-efficiency washers, and advanced microwaves cost thousands of dollars.  And what about the feature-packed circuit board in your furnace or air conditioner?  Isn’t paying for them the first time enough for you – or do you want to pay for them twice?   Frye Electric can provide the best protection available to help you avoid that second purchase!   

Most surges are caused not by lightning, but by short, intense bursts known as transients.  Over time these transients will cause performance to degrade, although you might not notice the gradual change.  

Many people believe that a small surge protector, such as the power strip type, provides enough protection.   It is true that they do protect, but they are best used as a second line of defense.  A better way is to provide layered protection.  When you add the first line of defense right in your service panel, the layering effect allows the surges to be controlled more fully.  

The Frye Electric Solution for Best Protection

Our solution to this problem is the Eaton Whole House Surge Protector.   It is installed next to your service panel but is wired into it.   Since it is externally mounted, the device is universal.  This means it is compatible with any manufacturer’s load center or breaker box, so it will work for everyone.  This Eaton product will reduce big incoming surges to an acceptable level for all your devices.  Coupled with the individual surge protectors, you’ll have the best protection for everything electrical in your home.  

Contact us today to get an appointment and our special pricing – just $385 installed!   

If you are not already a customer, you’ll quickly see why thousands of people have relied on us for all their electrical needs.  There will be no mess and no fuss.  We’ll do the work as quickly as we can and get on our way.   And all of it is guaranteed.   That is why we’ve been trusted since 1974!

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