Surge Protection at the Service Panel

US homeowners today have thousands of dollars invested in electronic equipment, such as televisions, computers, electric ovens, heating systems, and smartphones.  One electrical surge could destroy all of your equipment in microseconds, so it is smart and sensible to install surge protection at the service panel.

Surges are random, high energy electrical disturbance that can do a lot of damage in a fraction of a second.  Lighting is one kind of natural surge, but other types come from changes to the electrical grid due to repair or upgrades, from the return to the powered state after an outage, or even from inside your own home when an appliance is started but it doesn’t respond as it normally does.  Examples of this would be appliances with big motors, such as a vacuum or a compressor or a garage door opener.

The best way to protect against all these threats to your appliances and electronics is to install surge protection at the service panel.  We offer the Eaton complete whole-house surge protector because we believe it is the best on the market.  The device will safely direct the surge away from your electronics so they are not damaged.  However, we still recommend using the surge strips at the components as double protection in case any small amount of current makes it through the service panel unit. We do not recommend individual surge protector strips as your only line of defense.

Think about how much it will cost if you lose just one smartphone ($300-$400), or just one laptop ($400-$800), or just one television ($300-$1,000.)  Most homeowner policies have a $1,000 deductible on them, so that money will be gone in the blink of an eye.

We will install surge protection at the service panel for only $375, and it will last for many years.  Doesn’t that sound like a better deal than just waiting and hoping it won’t happen?

We recommend that only a licensed, professional electrician install this type of device.  Working in the service panel can be dangerous, and can result in tragic consequences for your home and family if something goes wrong.

Contact us for an appointment so that we can reduce your worry and your risk of a surge disaster.    Whatever your needs, our experienced Indianapolis electricians can provide any electrical service you need to complete your project.   After more than 50 years of business, we know what to do and how to take good care of you.

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