LED Lights Make Outdoor Weddings Sparkle

Make your outdoor wedding sparkle with the right lighting for your celebration. Create a beautiful atmosphere for your dreamy outdoor wedding with high quality LED lighting, customized to emphasize and illuminate the location and the decorative theme.  For the ceremony or the reception, or both, you want the right lighting and Frye Electric can provide it for you.

It can be difficult to light outdoor spaces correctly but Frye Electric has the perfect solution to transform your area into a well-lit and romantic space: LED outdoor wedding lights!  These outdoor wedding lights are the perfect solution for any exterior lighting dilemma.

These lights come in different colors, so you might want to have a festive party atmosphere for the dance floor, and simple white lights for the ceremony and photography area – you can have any combination you want.  We can also put up special lighting in certain places such as guest lighting to accent parking areas and walkways, and we can place the lights exactly where you need them to fit your vision for the event.

Create a Perfect Atmosphere with LED Outdoor Wedding Lights

These lights are small but bright, and they will illuminate all your ceremonial and reception areas effectively.  You might want to use these elegant LED strands on the tables, draped in the trees, integrated into the arbors, or in many other places.  The light produced by the LEDs will help your guests enjoy the outdoor atmosphere well after it gets dark, and keep everyone safe by providing sufficient light to help guests navigate your outdoor areas and back to their cars at the end of your magical evening.

LED Outdoor Wedding Lights are Energy Efficient

We all know that weddings are expensive, and every little item can add up to a big total.  However, even if you use hundreds of LED outdoor wedding lights they won’t bust your budget!  These outdoor lights use much less energy than traditional incandescent or fluorescent outdoor lighting.   Using LED outdoor wedding lights will keep your energy costs low so you won’t have to worry about a big electric bill coming after the wedding.

Our outdoor wedding lights are sold in spools of 1,000 feet, with a bulb socket at every foot.   Frye electricians will hang your lights for you and we’ll cut and tape them properly to eliminate any extra cord lying around as a trip hazard.  Frye Electric experts can help highlight all the important features of your outdoor areas and can work with you on a custom lighting plan for your event.  This blog for brides has some other ideas you might like.

If your amazing wedding celebration is coming this Spring or Summer, don’t wait any longer.   Call us today to schedule your outdoor lighting consultation and the installation of LED outdoor wedding lights before the Big Day.  Congratulations on your engagement — we are looking forward to the wedding, too!

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