Home Inspection Report Troubles?

We often get asked about home inspection reports and are glad to help.  Everyone wants to get the sale closed quickly.   Typically we see things like improper grounding or a lack of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI.) Sometimes it’s reversed polarity in some outlets.  At other times we see larger issues.  For instance the need to add a new sub-panel or to replace an older service panel.   It doesn’t matter what the trouble is on your home inspection report.  You can trust Frye Electric to take care of every item.  Don’t worry.

When we fix the electrical items on the list, you can be sure they are fixed correctly.  We have been a licensed electrical contractor in this area since 1974.   With all those years of experience, we’ve done repairs on hundreds of homes and offices resolving home inspection findings.    After we fix the items we’ll provide appropriate documentation.  You’ll have proof that each item was corrected in accordance with local electrical codes.

We also often receive great compliments from our customers after a job.  This is one of them from last year, but it is typical of the feedback we receive.

“I have had Frye Electric to my home twice in the last month and both times were extremely pleased with the professionalism and helpfulness of the technicians. Bill, the technician today, eased my mind almost immediately with his knowledge. I was anticipating a major repair and it ended being a minor problem. I would recommend your company without hesitation to anyone needing electrical services.  Ann Penington”

Home Buyers, Home Sellers, or Realtors

Whether you are a home buyer or a home seller, a real estate agent or a home inspector, call us.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to help you resolve any electrical issues in a home inspection report.   Contact us with the information.   We’ll be glad to schedule one of our professional electricians to take care of the work.

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