Shower Lighting For Your Home

One popular remodeling project for homeowners is turning their basic bathroom into a luxurious spa experience. Large showers and beautiful stonework combine to give your bathroom a modern edge and give you a place to relax. Whether you’re planning to remodel in the future, or already have the shower of your dreams, the right lighting can make or break the experience. This important element is often overlooked amid tile and plumbing fixture choices; keep shower lighting at the forefront of your design to enhance your enjoyment and show off other design elements.

Shower lighting: plan

If possible, work on a lighting plan for your shower or bathroom remodels at the start of the project. Planning for shower lighting at the beginning stages will allow these elements to be worked into the overall design, and make installation easier. If you’re halfway through your project, or if it’s been done for years, don’t let this stop you from enhancing your space with the right lighting; shower lighting can be installed or upgraded at any point. Planning for these elements, in the beginning, helps to ensure the proper framing, wiring, and waterproofing measures are in place ahead of time.

Shower lighting: design

When planning your new space, consider the tone you want to set and what role you’d like your shower lighting to play. Lighting can be layered in the bathroom and shower area just as in other areas of your home; use multiple fixtures so you can adjust the look of your lighting anytime. Installing dimmers for your shower lighting fixtures allows for easy adjustment of your lighting levels.

Overhead recessed lighting is popular as well as functional and can be arranged in a number of different ways. You may also choose to add specific lighting fixtures to highlight design features like creative tiling or built-in seating. Colored LED shower lighting may also be used to coordinate with your design, or to set a different mood. Use these fixtures together for one look, or independently for a different feel; installing each fixture on its own switch will allow you to layer shower lighting.

Shower lighting: call an expert

When integrating shower lighting into your bathroom remodel or existing shower, it’s best to consult a licensed electrician who will make sure your fixtures are installed safely while achieving the look you’re after. Frye Electric’s team provides reliable service and installation for shower lighting and more.¬†Contact us¬†today to discuss your project; we can help you plan your shower lighting design and expertly install your fixtures so you can enjoy your dream shower or bath.

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