Avoid Common Lighting Mistakes

As you know, lighting plays a significant role in the look and feel of your home. Not all lighting is created equally, so using the right fixtures for the right functions is key for your space. Lighting mistakes are easy to make but can be avoided. If you’re planning to add new fixtures or upgrade the lighting around your house, be sure to avoid these lighting mistakes so your lighting will enhance your space, not hinder it.

Lighting mistakes: recessed lighting overload

Yes, recessed “can” lighting is great for many areas of your home. The lighting mistake we often find is that too many can light are used to light a space without other fixtures. Recessed lighting is often an inexpensive, popular option available when building a new home or to install at an existing residence, and many homeowners believe that they’ll provide sufficient lighting for the entire space. Unfortunately, some of these inexpensive options don’t provide very much lighting output and don’t light workspaces very well. Avoid a can lighting mistake by using them in a layered lighting plan, adding direct task lighting for specific areas.

Lighting mistakes: all lighting, all at once

A great layered lighting plan is only effective if you have the power to adjust the levels of each light source. If your recessed lighting, overhead fixtures, and task lights are all controlled by one switch, you get all or nothing, which is a layered lighting mistake to avoid. You need to be able to control the layers independently, so you can adjust the level of lighting to your needs. Adding dimmers and wiring each fixture to its switch is one way to do it, but modern technology gives you many more options for controlling lighting levels, such as presetting lighting scenes for your rooms and using wireless controls.

Lighting mistakes: choosing looks over personality

This may sound like dating advice, but choosing fixtures based on how they look rather than how they function is a common lighting mistake. Lighting fixtures have become very decorative, and there are so many options available; it’s easy to get swept away searching for the perfect lamp or light fixture that fits your decorating scheme. Decorating with light fixtures is a lighting mistake that can lead to energy waste as well as inadequate lighting for your space. When evaluating decorative fixtures, lighting output, distribution, and performance should be considered with as much importance as to how they look. Keeping these factors in mind will help to ensure your space is enhanced without sacrificing good lighting.

Avoiding common lighting mistakes will help you create the right look for your home with the best lighting choices. Contact the lighting experts at Frye Electric to create a lighting plan for your home which provides the perfect mix of character and functionality.

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