Damaged Wiring Can Be Dangerous

One of our clients recently bought a new home and was going to hang a ceiling fan for himself. Normally, this is a moderately easy project that a handy homeowner can do safely, especially with new wiring done by a professional.

However, when he opened the ceiling junction box he noticed damaged wiring.  About 1” of the insulation on the red wire (hot) had been damaged, leaving a section of bare wire.

Damaged Wiring

In the photo, you can see 3 wires hanging down.  The sloppy white paint and ceiling texture makes them hard to see.  Left to right they are white, black, and red, with the bare copper ground wire coiled above still inside the box.

This did not result in a shock.   The homeowner had wisely turned off the breaker to this circuit before opening the box. So, there was no current running in the hot wire.  It could be safely repaired or replaced at that time.  

However, if the damaged wiring was not noticed and not repaired it could have been a different story.   If the current had been was turned back on, the damaged wiring could have caused sparking or fire.

Be Safety Conscious

If you try to do minor projects like this, be sure to always turn off the power first, and to watch for damage to the insulation on all the wires.  If you need assistance with small projects like this, contact us and we’ll be glad to help you.  Since 1974, Frye Electric has helped thousands of customers with all kinds of electrical repairs and services.  Give us a call and see why!

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