Dedicated Circuit For Your Workshop

Does your garage double as a workshop? If a member of your household is frequently running power tools in your garage, or another area of your home, you should consider adding dedicated circuits and outlets which can help the equipment function smoothly. Not only will it help power the workshop, but provide a safer solution for your home.

If your home workshop powers heavy-duty electrical tools, a dedicated circuit is needed. Dedicated circuits prevent the appliance from drawing more current than the circuit is capable of handling. Without a dedicated circuit, wires can overheat, melting the insulation protecting them. When there is no insulation to enclose the current, you’ll notice your circuit breaker will trip. This restricts current to prevent possible electrical fire damage. Constantly tripping your circuit breaker is a sign that you need a dedicated circuit.

Consult an expert when adding dedicated circuits. An electrician will be able to determine the dedicated circuits you’ll need to safely power your workshop. The number of amps used by the tools and the number of tools running at once will help to determine the size and number of circuits you’ll need. When setting up your workshop, you may also need to upgrade outlets based on the type of tools you’ll be using.

Ready to upgrade your workshop? Frye Electric can design a system to supply power for all your tools. Call us today to discuss your project.

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