Outdoor Lighting For Your Home

Lighting can be used outdoors to enhance the look of your home. If you’ve got a yard worth showing off, light it up! Area lights add emphasis on landscaping design elements by illuminating specific areas, such as trees, shrubs, or distinct features of your home’s exterior. There are also waterproof lighting options that can be used to show off decorative ponds or fountains after dark. Many lighting options are easily hidden within elements of your landscaping. Some fixtures are disguised as rocks, blending in with your beds instead of sticking out! Or, choose more decorative lighting options that complement your landscaping.

Lighting can also be used to improve the safety of your home. It can be installed around walkways and steps to illuminate the path after dark, making them more visible to help prevent accidents. Lights around your driveway can help mark the path, keeping vehicles out of your yard or drainage ditches.

If you plan to incorporate outdoor lighting, the proper design of your system is key. Using the proper components and layout will help ensure your lighting looks and functions the way you intended. The style and number of lights you plan on using must be factored in, making sure your system can provide adequate power to these elements. Low voltage systems are popular for landscape lighting and require a transformer to reduce the standard voltage used in your home.

If you are considering a landscaping project or would like to add lighting to your yard’s existing features, contact us. Frye Electric can help design a lighting plan which coordinates with your vision.

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