Keep Energy Bills Low This Season

Conserving energy has always been a concern for Indianapolis-area homeowners. With colder months coming up, you may already be anticipating a rise in your energy bills to cover your family’s heating needs. We’ve got a few tips which can help you reduce the amount of energy waste from your home’s lighting and electrical appliances.

1. Switch to LEDs

We’ve been talking about the benefits of LEDs for quite some time now, so if you haven’t switched, there’s no time like the present. LED bulbs last about 5 times longer than CFLs, and more than 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs!

2. Plan for your lighting needs

Not all rooms within your home require as much lighting, so a good lighting design will help reduce energy waste. When purchasing new lamps and fixtures, choose those which have multiple lighting levels. Lower levels can be used to conserve energy, while higher levels are available for reading and other activities.

Take advantage of the sun’s rays to help light your home during the day. Open your curtains to let natural light fill your rooms rather than using electric light.

3. Make outdoor lighting changes

Only use outdoor lights when you need them. Leaving porch lights on during the day wastes energy, so ensure their use is only from dusk until dawn by using timers or photocells.

When decorating your home for the holidays, consider Frye Electric’s Holiday LED Lighting services. LEDs allow you to celebrate the season without increasing your energy bills.

4. Keep clean to lower energy bills

When dust and dirt particles settle on your lighting fixtures, lighting output can be diminished. Keep your bulbs and all lighting fixtures clean to improve efficiency. Make sure your fixtures are turned off and cool to the touch before cleaning.

5. Turn it off

Always remember to turn off the lights when you leave a room. Even if you’ll only be gone a few minutes, it can add up. Room occupancy sensors can be installed to help reduce energy waste caused by forgetfulness.

6. Adjust electronics habits

Electronics and other household appliances can still consume energy even when they’re not in use. To prevent this waste, unplug items after use so they are cut off from power connections. Also, you can adjust the display settings on your computer and some television models to reduce brightness and save power.

Practicing these tips can help decrease the burden of your electricity bill all year long. To learn more about energy-efficient lighting options for your home or business, call Frye Electric.

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