12 Tips to Save Money on Lighting and Appliances

Use these tips to save money!

You deserve a break from high Winter electric bills, so follow these ideas and save:

  • As old-style, incandescent light bulbs burn out, replace them with new compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). CFLs use much less energy, produce more light (in lumens), and can last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. They do cost more initially when you buy them so it might be a strain to replace them all at once.
  • Switch outdoor lights, such as decorative floods or security lights, to halogen bulbs. You can save about 25% over standard bulbs.
  • Use motion detectors or timers to switch on/off lights. Lights should only be turned on when someone is using them.
  • Use the lowest acceptable wattage for each light fixture. For example, you might change out a 3-way bulb that runs 100-150-250 watts with a single 75 or 100-watt bulb. Consider using night lights or other low-wattage lights in areas that are not used often and where you aren’t reading or doing close work.
  • Clean the dust off of refrigerator coils so they transfer heat away more easily, reducing the load on the motor.
  • Put in several dimmer switches around the house so that you can reduce the lighting level and energy usage easily. Reducing heat given off by lights will also reduce the load on the air conditioner.
  • Dust light bulbs occasionally. Dirty bulbs can cut light output by up to 50%.
  • Put your computer in “sleep” mode when finished, or adjust the power settings so that it goes to sleep after 15 min of inactivity. Using the automatic screen saver will only affect the monitor or display, not computer power usage.
  • Inkjet printers use less energy than laser printers.
  • Get rid of old-style CRT monitors that use a lot of energy. New-style LCD monitors use much less.
  • Unplug any appliances that will not be used in the near future. Many small appliances like clocks, radios, or TVs draw electricity whether they are turned on or not.
  • Replace older appliances with Energy Star appliances. Even used Energy Star appliances will help cut your energy bill.

These are all good ideas, but even if you just do a few of them it will help. Give us a call if you have any questions.

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