Contractors and Trade Workers Needed

If you have any connection to the construction industry, you know that contractors and trade workers are in high demand right now.    Skilled trades include electricians, carpenters, welders, bricklayers, plasterers, plumbers, and masons.   Wages and prices for skilled labor are going up because it is hard to find people to do the jobs. 

We’ve been hiring electricians for years, but we are not getting enough qualified applicants.   All the other trade businesses have the same problem.

Our society has been guiding a high percentage of teens into “college only” for years.  Now we are seeing the effect of this direction.   Many young people have degrees and large loan debt, but they can’t find the right position.   They would have plenty of job offers if they had a technical degree in a skilled trade or even a few years of experience.

The trades are also open to both male and female workers.   Hardworking women can do just as well as hardworking men.  Parents and guidance counselors should explain the opportunities in both trade work and college so that kids make an informed decision.    Both paths can offer success, and a “college only” path is not best for everyone.

Successful contractors and trade workers make a good living.   It’s even better for those who open their own businesses.    This is a great time in our economy for contractors and trade workers. The US economy is booming for skilled workers now.   It would be wonderful if we didn’t have to import them.

Help us spread the word to young people you know.  Or to anyone looking to change careers.   Here is our online application.

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