SuperFrye Guy Supports Stronger Anti-Bullying Efforts

Stories continue to show up in the local news about children being bullied by other children.  The lead article in the Indianapolis Star today “Bullied Child Spurs Mom to Act” is simply one more example of the problem.   Parents are frustrated by the inability of teachers and administrators to control the behavior, administrators are frustrated by the legal constraints they must work under, and children are damaged by the failure of appropriate protective measures.

SuperFrye Guy is an advocate for children and a sponsor for Olivia’s Cause.  Olivia’s Cause is dedicated to providing inspiration, support, and awareness to teens on anti-bullying and teen suicide prevention.  Fourteen-year-old Olivia has written a book and launched a lecture program where she has inspired thousands of teens in schools, churches, and other organizations throughout Central Indiana.  Her message is that “It’s Okay to be Different”, and she talks about anti-bullying and teen suicide prevention.  Olivia shows her teen audiences that “You Can Be Great”, whatever your challenges might be.

Please join SuperFrye Guy in supporting Olivia, and in advocating stronger efforts to stamp out bullying.   With appropriate and effective changes to laws and regulations, we can protect many children from having this terrible experience.

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