Motion Detector Switches for Indoor Use

Picture your bathroom lights turning on and off automatically whenever you enter or exit the room.  How convenient would that be?   How about a closet where the light comes on whenever you open the door and goes off when you close it?  Even if your hands are full and you have to open the door with your foot, the switch will activate and the light will come on. Motion detector switches can make these things happen.

Most people have known about and used outdoor motion detector lights for a number of years.  Those lights have been a tremendous convenience and safety feature for garages, driveways, and entry doors at a very reasonable cost.  Now, there are indoor motion detector switches available that replace existing switch covers, and other motion detector devices that can be mounted throughout the house.

How about putting one of these in a toddler’s room?  If they are afraid of the dark, they can just wave their arm from bed to turn the light on (instead of calling you to turn it on five or six times.)  And when the child finally does go to sleep, the light goes off by itself (instead of you having to pay for it all night.)  Your child will feel better, you’ll save money, and you’ll both get some sleep, too.  What a deal!

Another idea would be to put a motion detector on a stairway.   Elderly family members (or anyone who has trouble with stairs) should have well-lighted stairs to prevent a bad fall.  Don’t count on them to always remember to turn on the light, make it automatic and effortless for them.

There are many other ways that motion detector switches can benefit you, and we know a lot of them.  Give us a call at (317) 659-6899, or contact us online, and we can recommend some of them to you. 

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