Under Cabinet Lighting Beautifies Kitchens

New products and styles for under cabinet lighting are making it easy to update and beautify your kitchen.   If you are building a new home, consider installing this type of task lighting close to the working surface.  You can choose from one simple battery operated puck light, or a few strips of LED lights, or all the way up to a complete system that snaps together.

The Legrand® adorne™ Under-Cabinet Lighting System shown here is a good example of one of the complete system of components and wiring that can be purchased in stores or online.  There are many systems like this that offer modules for customization.


This image shows several of the modules that snap into the track where they are needed.  An LED light module is the first item on the right, and there are two more further down.  Next to that is a tablet holder for easy recipe display, and then a Bluetooth speaker for streaming musical favorites in the kitchen.

The mixer at the corner is plugged into a power outlet on the track.  Finally, you can see a smartphone holder to the left of the mixer, for staying in touch with everyone.   You can rearrange all of these modules if desired, and that is much easier than moving or adding can lights.  Notice also that this reduces the need for wall outlets behind the counter and allows cords to be up off the work surface.

This is just one example of many available to you.   The experts here at Frye Electric can offer many options for under cabinet lighting.  We know the best ways to balance room lighting fixtures with task lighting fixtures.

With over 50 years of residential and commercial service in the community, we have a great reputation.  We offer high-quality work and reasonable prices.   Give us a call today at (317) 659-6899 and let's discuss yours under the cabinet lighting project.

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