Is Your TV Ready for Some Football?

A big-screen TV is the best thing for watching football, and stores are selling lots of them.   The HD (high definition) models let you see the action on the field better than if you were there.  And the clarity of the (UHD) ultra high definition sets is even better.   What a picture you get from the 4K models!   Amazing clarity for every play.

If you are getting a new TV for the season, you might want a dedicated circuit installed to make sure you have enough power for the components around it.  Or, if you are just moving and remounting the one you have, you might still need a wiring or cabling update.  Let us get those unsightly wires out of sight for you and provide convenient connection outlets.

This recent request from a customer may be similar to your situation.  “Looking to get a quote for someone to install a new outlet and HDMI port above my fireplace so that I can hide wires and cords behind my mounted TV.”

Connect with Us to Connect your TV

If you need support for connecting that new equipment, Frye Electric is the place to call.  We’ll be glad to help.  With over 50 years of service to central Indiana families and businesses, we have the experience and the skills to do whatever you need.  We offer excellent service at reasonable prices, and you can trust us to do it right.    Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau came from thousands of satisfied customers in the area.   Hal Frye personally stands behind all our work so your satisfaction is guaranteed.   Don’t wait until after the game starts.   Call us TODAY!

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