Electrical Repairs with a Home Sale

We frequently get asked about electrical repairs with a home sale.  Here are two recent requests:

“Hello! We just moved to a new house and we are now finding some things that need some electrical work done. . .”   (and)

“Hello! I’ve seen your commercials for a few years and have just bought my first house. I’ve had the inspection done and there were a few electrical issues that the seller is not going to correct. . .”

Typical Problems 

We see comments on inspection reports like improper grounding, outlets with reversed polarity, missing ground fault circuit interrupter, evidence of overheating inside the panel, no power to outlets, exposed wiring, and improper connections.  Those words make us concerned about the safety of occupants, and you should be, too.  It doesn’t matter whether you are the Buyer, the Seller, or the Real Estate Agent.  Everyone wants electrical problems to be discovered prior to the sale and discussed by both parties.

Buyers, Sellers, and Agents

  • When you are the Seller in a transaction, you don’t want a lawsuit a few months after the sale.  Allegations that you sold an unsafe home to the Buyer can be a real problem.
  • If you are the Buyer in this transaction, you don’t want any family members hurt or a fire started in your new home.  This means you must be thorough in checking the building with the Seller prior to the sale.
  • For those of you who are Agents, you already know how critical a good electrical system is to a home sale.  You want a complete transaction that goes smoothly for everyone.

The bottom line is that all parties need a trusted electrician to make the repairs properly.   Everything must be done in accordance with building codes, with verification of what was done.   This is where Frye Electric comes into the picture.   We can provide the service you need.   Since we have over 45 years of experience, you know you can trust us completely.

So, if you are getting ready to buy or sell a house, contact us.   If you are an agent, add us to your list of service suppliers.  We are experienced, professional and all our work is reasonably priced.   After you’ve called us once, you’ll see why thousands of customers in the Indianapolis area rely on us for all their electrical work.

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