Back Up Your Sump Pump

Sump pumps are extremely important in this part of the country.  Especially in the Spring when storms produce heavy rain and flash flooding.  Many Indianapolis-area homes have nicely furnished family or recreation rooms on the lower level.   Often, expensive entertainment or exercise equipment is kept there.

If a sump pump fails and those rooms get flooded, it can be expensive.  It may easily cost the owners thousands of dollars to repair the damage and replace the equipment.  One family we know suffered multiple sump pump failures over a 2 year period.  Each time it cost them $2,000 (the amount of their insurance deductible) and many hours of frustrating effort to put everything back in order.

Any one of these issues could stop your main pump:

  • Electric service can stop flowing to your home.
  • The main pump might get clogged or simply seize up.
  • The float that turns the pump on could fail.
  • Heavy rain could produce more water (gal/min) than the pump can handle.
  • The mechanical check valve on the pump can stop working.
  • The pipe for discharging water might freeze or get clogged

So, the safest plan for overcoming those issues is to use a battery-powered backup sump pump.  This image is an example showing one type of pump, the battery box, and the connecting equipment.  This type of pump automatically switches on and runs from the battery when water reaches a certain level.  However, other types are available to match your situation.  Backup pumps are not designed to run all the time.  They do keep the water pumping while you get the primary pump back in operation.

Although Frye Electric does not do plumbing work nor install sump pumps, we can help with any electrical outlets or connections you need.  Just give us a call and we’ll be glad to provide expert advice.

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