Cut Heating Bills 7 Ways


The nation is gripped in a cold wave now and your heating system is running a lot more than usual. Cut heating bills with these seven tips and avoid a shock when the next bill comes.

  1. Decide on the lowest comfortable temperature for your home keep the thermostat at that one set when the family is active. Use an automatic setback thermostat to reduce the setting when people are sleeping and when people are gone throughout the day. As a general rule, each degree of temperature above 68 degrees adds 3 to 5% to your heating bill.
  2. Keep furnace filters clean to save 10-15%. Change them monthly.
  3. Keep the dampers closed on fireplaces when not in use. Heated air will escape up the chimney which means the furnace needs to run in order to replace it.
  4. Use electric space heaters sparingly. They consume 1,000-1,500 watts per hour, which equals the energy for 15-20 light bulbs.
  5. Re-use the warm air down at the top of the room; push it down with a ceiling fan.
  6. Set your water heater to 120 degrees and insulate the hot water pipes with foam sleeves. When hot water cools on the way to your faucet you will use more of it.
  7. Block cold drafts at doorways, windows, or other openings with rags or towels.

If your electric bill is just too high, contact us with a service request! We’ll check your building to see if there are any problems that can be repaired to save you money.

For additional detailed information, see this page from the Dept of Energy.

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