Transfer Switch Connection from Portable Generator

The transfer switch connection is a critical component of a portable generator.   If you are adding a generator to your home or office, you need a transfer switch connection.

You can see from the image what a typical switch looks like.   You mount it outside, near the location of your generator.    This example is made by Reliance, but there are many manufacturers and models available.   Notice that the power cord is heavy and the connection is weatherproof.  This is much safer than just using an extension cord.

Why Do I Need a Transfer Switch Connection?

The switch enables your electrical system to accept the power safely.  It guides the incoming power to the circuits you want to be energized.  If you just want only the HVAC and refrigerator to run, only those circuits will receive power.   You just make one connection, and the switch transfers power to the right circuits.

And, it isolates the power from back-feeding to the electric utility.  This results in safety to all your neighbors.  They might be damaged by back feeding.

Transfer switches come in many different sizes.   You might have a small generator of 5,000 watts and only want a few circuits to be powered.   Then you can get a small transfer switch connection that does just that.   Or,  you might have a large generator, maybe 11,000 watts.  And you want all your circuits to be powered.  We can install a switch that matches your situation.

Finally, they make both manual and automatic transfer switches.   We can help you decide which is best for your situation.

There are lots of options to consider, and we can help you decide.   Paul Hope of Consumer Reports says “Plan ahead, and do it right.”   Just contact us for a free estimate or free advice.

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