Upgrading Electrical Service in an Older Home

People ask us often about upgrading electrical service in an older home.  Standard service used to be either 60 or 100 amps.   200 amps is a more appropriate level for today.    Here is some basic information about that type of project.

Homes didn’t have as many electrical appliances a few decades ago as they do today.  So, they didn’t need as much electrical capacity.   A typical home now may have 3-4 times as much electrical equipment as 20 years ago.  That’s especially true here in central Indiana where electric rates are fairly low.   For example, a spa-bathroom or family hot tub is more common in homes today.   Also, there was less recreational equipment.  Fewer power tools in the garage.  And less (or no) computers.

Adequate electrical current is needed for each of these items.   Because of that, upgrading electrical service is often needed.

Upgrading Electrical Service to Increase Capacity

Are you considering a remodeling project?  Like renovating a kitchen or a bathroom?  If so, it is likely that additional outlets or amperage will be part of the plan.  However, there may not be room in the existing service panel.   If so, you need an upgrade.   Major items that need electrical power are routinely added to homes.  Or the size of the home is increased.  When that happens, often the electrical capacity needs to be increased, too.

Electrical Safety

Consider also the issue of electrical safety.  Many electrical services have been hanging on the side of houses for years.  The weather has affected them.  Wiring in damp basements has become corroded and deteriorated.  Electrical overloads through the years may have led to overheating.  Probably joints and connections have loosened.  Finally, some older home services still contain old fuses, which may be corroded or overloaded.  These home electrical problems and conditions are dangerous.

If you are considering upgrading electrical service in an older home, call us at (317) 659-6899.   Or, you can contact us online for a free estimate and professional advice on your situation.  If your home needs electrical service work, we can do it for you.  However, if it doesn’t need it you can rest easy and forget about it.   Frye Electric Inc. has been your trusted and qualified Central Indiana electrical contractor since 1974.   Our team is committed to prompt, professional workmanship.  We have a long reputation for excellence.   Call us for Expert Work at Reasonable Prices!

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