Electrical Trade Opportunities Growing

The number of electrical trade opportunities is increasing as businesses grow. Young men and women should consider entering the electrical trade for a great career.

New homes are being built across the country at a fast-growing rate.  Building permits showed a 7.4 percent growth rate in January.  This was the highest level since June 2007.   Builders need residential electricians to keep up with the growth.  Sadly, many of the current graduates are only thinking about college.  They don’t realize the benefits an electrical career can offer.   Here is a list to help you understand how many there are.

Key Benefits in Electrical Trade Opportunities

  • Professional, licensed electricians are in demand and well paid.   Electrical trade opportunities are plentiful.  Additionally, overtime hours are often available to boost your pay.
  • In 2016, the median wage for an electrician was$52,720. The highest-paid earned $90,420, while the lowest-paid earned $31,800. An apprentice usually makes between 30-50% less than someone fully trained.  Of course, pay varies by location and skill level.
  • A good electrician can start a private company and make even more income.  Own your own business and grow it!
  • Electrician skills are needed in all locations.  Therefore, an electrician can move anywhere in the country.   There will be well -paid electrical work in any community.
  • The education is much less expensive.   This is because trade school courses are offered in community colleges for a few thousand dollars.   Compare that with 4 years of college at $30-40,000 per year.   And, many college graduates with big debts struggle to find a good-paying position.
  • Apprenticeships in many companies are available.  You can earn while you learn in an apprenticeship.   You can get paid to learn – how cool is that!
  • The skills you gain are useful.   Work on your own home or family members’ homes.  Save yourself lots of money when you remodel or upgrade your home.
  • Finally, both men and women are welcome.  Just bring physical strength and learn the skills.  You will see plenty of electrical trade opportunities.

At Frye Electric, we are always looking to help young people enter this field.   And, we also need experienced Lead Electricians.   We need both of them for our growth, and it’s good for our communities.  If you are considering the electrical trades, fill out our easy online application to see what we can offer you. Frye Electric is a great place to work!

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